Cable TV

MDU Distribution

Features Extremely low distortion and harmonic content Suitable for apartment distribution systems Forward Frequency: 54-860 MHz Reverse Frequency: 5-42 MHz Forward Gain: 30dB and tilt adjuster Reverse Gain: 20dB 

Drop Amplifier ( Passive )

54-1000 MHz Forward Path. 5-42 (5-65) MHz Active Return Path.10dB output Gain. 6kV Ring Wave Surge Protected.

Drop Amplifier ( Active )

Active| MDAMP 1-10/10-x & MDAMP 1-15/10-x

Galvanic Isolator

Galvanic Isolators 1,2,3 port & High Pass. CE and RoHs Compliant, standard 1 GHz Version with 2.3 GHz Version available.

T & L shape taps

Zinc Alloy housing in T & L shape for selectable, operate in 5MHz - 1000MHz.

Splitters Vertical V-series

2, 3, 4, 6, and 8-way Splitters Available Operate 5MHz to 1GHz Frequency Range

Splitters Horizontal G-series

Features 5-1002 MHz Bandwidth Low Inter-modulation Distortion Protection Against Ferrite Saturation Superior Isolation and Return Loss for Return Path IEEE C62.41-1991 Category B3 Combination Wave 6kV, 3kA Withstand on Input Port IEEE C62.41-1991 Category A3 Ring Wave, 6kV, 200A on all Output Ports Solder Back for 120 dB RFI Shielding Effectiveness Zinc Alloy Die-Cast Housing 

Outdoor taps

5-1002 MHz Bandwidth Easily Interchangeable 2/4 port FaceplatesAluminum Alloy Housing used for Corrosion Resistance15 Amp Current Capacity