Ethernet Over Cable (EOC)


NMS network management software can monitor and control the EOC central-office-end/terminal device of the whole multiple access system

All-in-one ( CATV ONU EOC )

EPC 301 x combines CATV optical receiver technology with EPON transmission technologyand EOC modulation technology. It can supply data,video and voice service for customer andsupport remote network management.

Indoor EOC Master ( CLT 501 )

CLT502 coaxial cable terminal (indoor type) adopts Qualcomm Atheros 7410 chip scheme. It is an EOC (Ethernet over Coax) Master with the access function of CATV (cable television) and wideband data. 

Outdoor EOC Master ( CLT601 )

CLT601/CLT602 are outdoor 500M EOC masters that use Qualcomm AR 7410 chipset,they can implement hybrid output of IP data signal and CATV signal toward CATV distribution network in order to realize co-cable transmission of radio&television programs and IP data.

EOC Slave CNU204N

CNU204N is a 500M EOC slave that use Qualcomm AR 7411 chipset, it can transmit CATV RF signal and IP data through the same coaxial cable. It supports 802.11b/g/n Wifi and more convenient for network covering in house.

EOC Slave CNU204

CNU204 and EOC Master networking completely meets the requirement of Triple-play (integrating three networks into one) of broadcasting and television system. CNU204 occupies Low Frequency Band under 65MHz and has no collision with the current CATV system frequency which can decrease mutual interference.