EAP760 is an enterprise-grade, concurrent dual-band 802.11ac 1.3Gbps, indoor access point, designed specifically for high-density environments such as offices, universities, hotels, and hospitals.



Concurrent dual-band 2.4 & 5 GHz

802.11ac3x3 MIMO supporting up to 1.3 Gbps data

802.3atPower over Ethernet (PoE) & 802.3af down link PoE compatible

Integrated enterprise-grade, standards-based security

Upto 16 ESSIDs per radio with 802.1Q VLAN

Rogue AP detection & Load balancing

FastLayer 2/Layer 3 roaming

CentralizedPoint of Connectivity Thedemand for 802.11ac is growing tremendously as enterprises andorganizations seek to increase bandwidth and alleviate networkcongestion. With wider channel widths, an increased number ofsupported spatial streams, and more advanced modulation techniques,the 11ac-enabled EAP760 provides data rates significantly higher than that of 802.11n access points. Furthermore, each device can transmit the same amount of data in a much shorter period of time, improving overall network capacity and performance while ensuring smooth operation of sensitive network applications.

Readyfor High Density Environments With the ability to operate in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, the EAP760 can distribute clients on separate channels, thereby mitigating channel congestion. The EAP760 also implements advanced AP features such as airtime fairness, multicast to unicast conversion and optimal client filtering that improve wireless performance in high density environments, ensuring uninterrupted access to mission critical resources and delay sensitive applications. Wireless QoS with standards-based 802.11e/WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) further guarantees a wire-like experience.

MaximumDeployment Flexibility Supporting802.3at PoE, the EAP760 can be placed in locations where traditionalpower sources are unavailable. In addition, the downlink PoE LAN portallows it to supply power to another AP or IP-based device,eliminating the need for additional cabling and increasing deploymentflexibility.

Enterprise-grade,Standards-based Security With802.1X authentication and a backend RADIUS server, the EAP760 canprevent unauthorized users from accessing the corporate intranet.Furthermore, the AP’s Layer 2 firewall capability blocks unwantedtraffic, reducing network overhead and providing an added layer ofsecurity. Finally, the AP can be configured with multiple SSIDs, eachutilizing different security standards (e.g. WPA2-Enterprise) andVLAN tags, which enables easy network segmentation to protectcorporate resources.