Memopower Online Tower UPS Series

TheMemopower double conversion true on-line series, featured withDSP-controlled technology, superior input voltage window for energysaving, ECO mode, parallel capability(for 6K/10KVA), smart fan-speedcontrol, optional powerful charger.

Memopower Online Tower UPS Series


 TrueOnline Double Conversion with DSP Control

 MimicLCD Display with Multifunction Parameter Settings & operationalstatus

 Superiorwide input voltage range for the harshest environment.

 Smartfan-speed control design

 SupportGenerator Input

 SupportEconomic Operation Mode

 OptionalPowerful Charger for battery backup extension.

 ConfigurableBattery Voltage Setting may easily adapt to user’s demand(for 6KVAup)

 ColdStart Function is built-in.

 BundledCommunication Software supports Windows application, etc.

 Parallelup to Four Units(for 6KVA up)

 CommonBattery when several UPS in Parallel

 ThreePhase/ Single Phase 10KVA/15KVA/20KVA are also available.