Memopower RT Plus Parallel Redundancy

TheMemopower RT Plus Parallel Redundancy on-line series, featured withrack/tower convertible, N+X parallel redundancy, DSP-controlledtechnology, high input & output power factors. Anideal solution to your server, bank, industrial equipment, ITequipment.

Memopower RT Plus Parallel Redundancy


 Rack/TowerConvertible

 FlexibleSystem Configuration

 RotatableLCD Display with Multifunction Parameter Settings

 HotSwappable Battery

 N+XParallel Redundancy

 OnlineDouble Conversion with DSP Control

 HighOutput Power Factor at 0.9PF

 LowInput Current Distortion

 GreenConcept design with Superior Input Voltage Window for Energy Saving

 SupportGenerator Input

 EstimatedRemaining Time displayed on the LCD.

 SupportEconomic(ECO) Operation Mode

 FanSpeed Control

 MatchingBattery Pack with Powerful Charger Built-in

 CommonBattery When UPS in Parallel Mode

 VersatileCommunication Interfaces Available

 ColdStart

 CommunicationSoftware

 OptionalCentralized monitor function

 SettableCharge Current

 Built-inPowerful Charger can be automatically set from 1A to 6A