NMS network management software can monitor and control the EOC central-office-end/terminal device of the whole multiple access system



NMS network management software has many functions which are easily realized in the operation of the system. Its main functions include:

 A variety of device discovery modes can be adopted. Both Layer-2 and Layer-3 network protocol can be used.

 Add, delete and automatically discover EOC central-office-end device and EOC terminal device

 Lot delivery of EOC central-office-end device and EOC terminal device

 Graphical display of the linking condition of EOC central-office-end and EOC terminal

 Personalized usage mode of EOC terminal according to customer’s needs

 Personalized account authority management according to customer’s needs

 Convenient and quick query mode which makes the customers easy to search the relevant information of EOC devices and user information of EOC terminal


 The function of network diagnosis

 Supports different kinds of alarm, diagnosis and poll

 Supports the display of Layer-2 topological view

 Layer-2 management features

 Layer-3 automatic discovery

◆ Supports network managerial parameter setup such as VLAN, QoS port speed restriction