All-in-one ( CATV ONU EOC )

EPC 301 x combines CATV optical receiver technology with EPON transmission technologyand EOC modulation technology. It can supply data,video and voice service for customer andsupport remote network management.

All-in-one ( CATV ONU EOC )

CATV Feature

-Fiber receiver wavelength: 1310/1550nm; Reflection loss: 45dB
-Input optical power: -7~+2Db; Optical interface: FC/APC
-Optical power indicator: -8dBm(Green); Transmission frequency: 47~1000MHz
-Band roughness;±0.75dB; RF Output power:104/108dBuV
-RF Return Loss:47~860MHz≥16dB; RF output interface:FL-10(Metric system)
-RF indicator

ONU Feature
-Satisfy to the EPON interoperability
-Transmit power: -1~+4dBm
-Receiver sensitivity: -26dBm
-4 10M/100Mbps 
autosensing Ethernet interfaces

EOC Feature
-Frequency range:7.5~30MHz
Receiving sensibility: -65dBm
Output impedance: 75Ω
Physical layer rate:200Mbps; MAC layer  throughput100Mbps
Output power: 15dBm
Modulation mode: OFDM 1024/256/64/16/8-QAM,QPSK,BPSK,ROBO